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Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Razor Blades

Original price $2.79 - Original price $29.99
Original price
$2.79 - $29.99
Current price $2.79

Superior value for a high quality razor blade, Classic blades fit any standard double edge safety razor. Long lasting, Chromium Ceramic PTFE coated blades with a fine edge are much more economical and environmentally friendly than cartridges. Maintains it’s edge longer for a smooth, close and comfortable shave.

Each tuck contains 5 blades, and each blade is individually wrapped to assure safety, sterility and long shelf life. Blades fit all traditional double edge razors. To avoid rapidly dulling the blade's sharp edge, remember to always rinse it after use, never wipe it.

Manufactured in Germany.

Choose from:

1 tuck of 5 blades total.

4 tucks of 5 blades for 20 blades total.

20 tucks of 5 blades for 100 blades total.