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Personna Platinum-Chrome Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

Original price $2.49 - Original price $6.99
Original price
$2.49 - $6.99
Current price $2.49

Are you tired of settling for subpar shaves and irritating razor burns? It's time to elevate your grooming routine to a whole new level of excellence with Personna platinum-chrome super stainless steel blades! Personna platinum-chrome super stainless steel double edge blades are now made with Swedish steel in Personna's plant in Solingen Germany and are compatible with all brands of safety razors. Personna has always been famous for manufacturing high quality razor blades and these are no exception!

  • Outstanding Quality - A premium stainless steel razor blade
  • Sharp, long lasting & smooth
  • Platinum-chrome coated for comfort and durability

Compatibility: These blades are compatible with all safety razors and straight razors, making them versatile and convenient for all shavers.

Packaging: Personna platinum-chrome super stainless steel blades are sold in boxes containing multiple individual blades -- generally 5 blades. These boxes often have a distinctive white and blue color scheme.

Choose from:

1 tuck of 10 blades total.

3 tucks of 10 blades for 30 blades total.